Thursday, June 22, 2017

Leftism as fast food

Most people who grow up in Christian homes, at least, are exposed to traditional values, like family, hard work, honesty, diligence, civic mindedness and the like.

But many, when they get to college, or even high school, are exposed to much easier ideas, ones which taste good going down, which are addictive, but which are not ultimately nourishing, a fact which is concealed in the mania of consuming more and more of them.

People know in their guts that there is no sustainable path forward, collectively, other than all of us tending our own gardens, as Voltaire put it.  If everyone manages their own affairs, there is no need for any of what the Left peddles to the poor and stupid.

They teach, though, that everything is easy, that life is supposed to be easy, and that if there is a problem, all that is needed is more government.  If there are conflicts between cultures, all that is needed is to BE NICE.  And having been taught that being nice is the main virtue in life, they learn to let other people walk all over them, continually, because it makes them feel VIRTUOUS.

We might indeed call apologists for Islamic Supremacism practitioners of "Doormat virtue".

The solution is REMEMBERING, for most of us, REMEMBERING all those truths we were taught that did not taste as good as the candy they were giving away at school, at the universities, on the news media, in the newspapers.

I will sometimes walk through the frozen food section, and marvel at all the tasty foods found there, all the things I grew up eating, the TV dinners you warm up in the microwave.  God, I had forgotten about those.  We had those folding mini-tables you use to set up your food in front of the TV.  TV trays.  That's what they were called.  I had until this moment managed to erase those from my mind.  I have not owned a microwave in 15 years, and never will again.  There is nothing the stove top and oven cannot do better, if only slightly slower.

It seems to me that the 1950's was the last time there was any true civic mindedness, and real connection with the real realities of life, on the part of the Left.  That was when LSD and other drugs were used by honest intellectuals like Alduous Huxley.  The 60's was just Fruit Loops and meals fit for imbeciles and invalids, suitable for regurgitation, but not the maintenance of anything approaching an honest life.

There is no poetry in conformity, and the Left has nothing else, in the end, to offer.  As with Muslims, the only good Leftists are bad Leftists.

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