Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Obamacare replacement

It is more than a bit comical, even farcical, that the party of "we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it" is protesting the Republican secrecy.  They locked Republicans out--perhaps literally in some cases--from all the key meetings, used the dodgy method of reconciliation to avoid full debate and discovery, and are now wondering why so many Americans hold them in contempt.  Obamacare did not do what it was advertised as doing, almost certainly because those who passed it never intended it to.  It was a lie based on lies from its inception.

And obviously some people might lose coverage, but many people have already lost coverage BECAUSE of Obamacare.  If we need to take care of anyone, it is the people who do all the working and tax paying in this country.  There is obviously a place for compassion, but that place is not in a world wrecked by legislative incompetence.  Other people's money always runs out.

My two cents on the proposal: there needs to be something in there about preexisting conditions, but it needs to be confined to a VERY SHORT window, something like 2 months, and certainly something which expires long, long before the mid-term elections.  That is the only way to keep a temporary measure from becoming perennial, like all government tends to do unless undone aggressively and decisively.

As I've said many times, requiring insurers to cover the healthcare costs of people who are already sick is not insurance at all, but mandated charity, one which is financed by the healthy and prudent in the form of vastly higher insurance premiums than they would otherwise pay.  It is nothing more or less than a sneaky tax.  I would rather see this turned over to Medicaid or Medicare--which are at least obviously taxpayer funded programs--than the charade maintained in the private sector.

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