Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Psychoenteric pathology

We speak by rote about psychosexual pathology, and we don't mean erectile dysfunction. We mean relating to the other sex (or same).

I did not come up with the idea of the gut being an almost separate consciousness within us--neurologically, almost certainly to a much greater extent than the sexual instinct--and if we are to take this seriously, we need new words. I love to invent words the way women and gay men like to play dress up. Yes, all of them.

I was pondering this feeling within me which is easiest to call self loathing, and it really feels more to me like a chronically suppressed need for violence, to attack. Unexpressed anger easily becomes anxiety, and anxiety can easily be seen as intrapsychic violence.

We are social beings, but are we perhaps born somewhat like wolves, who instinctually want to hunt and eat in packs, or what we would call tribes?

What could be the fate of wolves born without packs, with the same hunger?

The need to feed is coeval with the survival instinct. It exists far down. Do we have instincts to eat a certain way? Are we born enjoying the feeling of killing our food and sharing it together?

To me, these are interesting questions.

Back to the ladder again.

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