Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reeeee brigades

This article is great.  Please read it, and ponder it.

The soil has been prepared for mass death and destruction.  One sees this clearly in the abuse of words by the Left--I will note, perhaps unnecessarily, that Orwell pointed out that the abuse of language always precedes tyranny-- and their physical and emotional abuse of all who dare challenge them on even the most ludicrous claims.

Large segments of our country--indeed the world--lives in this swampy miasma of bad ideas, continual rage, radical intolerance, self congratulation, and deep, deep, deep ignorance.

We all need to speak the truth to as many people as we can.  I think I am going to start responding consistently to my left wing Facebook friends until they unfriend me.  It is not worth buying the peace when so much is at stake.

What, indeed, could any competent psychologist make of people who see "fascists" everywhere, under every bush, behind every tree, but refuse to speak to them, refuse to engage with them, refuse to understand them, and who counsel violence as the only course?  What is the consistent element?  Their own minds, and their own fabrications and projections.

The "Red Menace" was quite real.  Evidence of this is seen, obviously, in the intellectual acid planted a half century by Communists and now filling the veins of our academics, our media, and far too much of the political class.

If there is a "Paranoid Style" in American politics, it is in the Fascists wearing masks and attacking Trump supporters in the streets.

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