Friday, June 16, 2017

The best defense. . .

I see no reason Trump should not pursue criminal charges against Hillary and Bill Clinton.  If the investigation into the Clinton Foundation has been ended for some reason, it needs to be begun anew.  And Bill Sessions needs to evaluate all possible criminal charges which could be brought against Hillary.  The evidence is the same.

I think Trump needs to understand that no matter what he does, he will be attacked.  He needs to at least get the satisfaction of fighting back, and of sending warning shots over the bows of the people betraying him and their country that they are not only not above the law, but that he is quite willing to use the laws in effect to send them to jail.

As things stand, my understanding of the whole Russian thing remains as follows.  Some Baltic state, I think it was Estonia but won't swear to it, created what amounted to a blackmail dossier on Trump, which was at some point scooped up by British intelligence, then shared with American intelligence.  This dossier had no merit to it, and consisted in little but unsubstantiated and unsubstantiable rumors about things which (like pissing on a bed) were not even illegal.

This dossier, though, was enough for the Deep State to get authorization to initiate blatantly fascistic surveillance on Trump and his associates during and after the campaign, despite the fact that no wrong doing was ever found.

At some point--from what I read, perhaps immediately after Hillary lost the election fair and square--a political decision was made to claim that the Russians were the ones who hacked John Podesta, a claim without substance or even the flimsiest of evidence.

This claim was "buttressed" mainly by continual speculation by the complicit media, which first called it possible, then treated it as obvious, then finally came out as outraged about something which it never had any evidence happened in the first place.  This has all been made clear in recent days by the testimony of people who were and are in a position to know.

The only "evidence" of wrong-doing was the fact of an investigation, but as mentioned, that investigation was launched on the flimsiest of pretexts and ITSELF constitutes a cause for outrage.  Sitting Presidents should not be using the organs of government--particularly intelligence agencies not allowed by law to operate on American soil--to spy on their political opponents.  Nixon did nothing that extreme.

So now I read Mueller is investigating possible obstruction of "justice" in an investigation that never should have been initiated in the first place, and which, again, ITSELF should be investigated as the patent politicization of the law enforcement and intelligence gathering activities.

So we have the investigation of the "crime" of obstructing an investigation that never should have been launched in the first place.  You cannot by definition obstruct justice which was not happening in the first place.

In my view, if Mueller wants to surround himself with Democrats--which betrays partisan intent, which is antithetical to justice and professionalism--he should be fired.  He is not, in my understanding, a Kenneth Starr, who cannot be fired.  He is simply someone hired for a specific job.  If he construes that job as creating trouble for Trump, as leaking innuendo and rumor to create headlines for the hacks running most of the media in this country, I see no reason he should keep his job.  Sessions can fire him.

Ponder the stupidity of the Americans eating all this shit up.  Anyone that dumb will not be convinced even if Mueller spends the next year creating headlines at MSNBC and still turns up nothing.  Those people are gone.  Trump can't speak to stupid.  They are gone.  Their cognitive sovereignty is muted and in most cases absent.  They believe what they are told to believe, and lack the critical faculties to do otherwise.

Here is the thing: media coverage for Trump will NEVER EVER EVER turn positive.  Not going to happen.  They would slime Mother Teresa.

I was watching a video today of Matt Bevin, who is the governor of Kentucky, making a video he posted on Facebook, where he calls out media coverage specifically.  He shows what he said, then shows in their own words how "journalists" covered him.  The bias and mean spiritedness are blatant and undeniable.  You can look him up on Facebook.

Trump needs to create something similar, which puts together videos detailing both his policy decisions, and showcasing media bias in their coverage of him.  Tweets are not enough.  He is the President, and he can do much, much better.

But I really think, and I've said this more than once, that until traitors start going to jail for breaking their oaths, the leaks will continue.  And I continue to fail to see a downside to the immediate prosecution of Bill and Hillary for crimes too numerous to mention.  Are we a fucking banana republic, or are we a nation of laws?  Trump was elected to prove it was not too much to hope that we were and remain the latter.

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