Saturday, June 17, 2017

the day of rest

I was reading this treatment of the rules concerning Sabbath:

I would have been happy in such a world.  I am disputatious by nature, and love complex systems.  And I do feel I have been a Jew in at least one life, perhaps more.  I feel I have had many lives.  There is much within me.

But the point I wanted to make is that I have been experimenting with making Saturday the day of rest, and I have realized that it makes a WORLD of sense. I  have been working hard recently at my day job, and come Friday I am physically and emotionally worn down.  Calling it quits from 5 or 6 PM Friday through Saturday, even though it feels odd, works really well.  Sleep in on Saturday, not Sunday.

And if you think about it, 6 days of work is really not that onerous.  Work is really a big part of life.  What I am finding is that Sunday makes a fantastic entry point to the week.  Plan everything, get everything ready, get yourself ready.  Clean the house, sort out all the small details you would otherwise worry about during the week.  Most people do this on Saturday, but my take is I am TIRED on Saturday.  It is much more burdensome than doing it after laying around for 24 hours.

And what Jews are really taking a break from is CREATING.  Logically, this means that on all non-Sabbath, non-holy days, they are meant by their maker to be creating.  Create 6 days a week, then rest.  I like this.

I am of course breaking my own rules in typing this today, but it felt appropriate.

I have a lot more things I am working on, new approaches I am taking, but all in good time.  I am never still for long, and am nearly always trodding new ground.

My world is undiscovered.  Knowing that, all can be new.

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