Thursday, June 29, 2017

We are the Singularity

It has long seemed to me that the people like Ray Kurzweil, who ignore the data supporting the existence of a soul, and who dedicate themselves to the dream of infinite intelligence, are people with major unprocessed emotions, who find themselves distant from the flow of actual human life, from the joys of being alive, from spontaneity, from dance.

Of what benefit would it be to be able to conjure any fact instantly, speak any language, solve any problem?  All the problems would be solved quickly, presumably, except the purpose of life.  That is a feeling, a touching of mystery, of the infinitely large.  I fail to see how a computer could help with this, with the task of touching the deepest root of LIFE.

It is a chimera, a delusion, a hoping, one cherished by people UNWILLING to solve their own emotional problems, now, using the ample knowledge which could be made available to them.

All the mystics, the mushroom eaters, the LSD trippers, the Ayahuasca adventurers, the St. Johns and the Rumi's and the Nagarjuna's say that knowledge can be contacted directly, that this Source is infinite, and that everything knowable can be made to appear before finite eyes.  This is the essence of what the Singularitarians want.  It is an eminently religious quest, based on a religious sentiment they find themselves unable to to indulge in a healthy way due to metaphysical errors their emotional constipation makes them unable to avoid or rectify.

I wonder sometimes about this alleged global civilization that built many extant monuments some 13,000 years ago, or thereabouts.  It is obvious, for example, that the Incan ruins have multiple architects.  Small stone construction which is not hard and which is found everywhere, is assembled on top of enormous stones which are fitted together with unbelievable precision.  It is not hard to conclude two different civilizations built two different layers.

But ponder a global civilization in many respects superior technologically to our own.  Could they not build structures they knew would endure thousands of years, then destroy their tools?  Could they not return to a very, very simple life of hunting and gathering, of story telling, of group dances, of profound meditation and spiritual mastery, then one day simply choose to die off en masse and inhabit another realm of existence entirely?

Why not?  I go places educated people are not supposed to go, but fuck educated people.  Jesus fucking Christ so many of these people are demonstrable retards, unimaginative, and unable to evaluate evidence which contradicts in any way their indoctrination, their intellectual crippling which they farcically enough think makes them MORE and not much LESS qualified for anything to do with real life.

I will always dream my dreams, and do my best every day to see what is in front of me.  When I am in a new place, I will sometimes spend 15-20 minutes just logging every detail.  I watch trees for 5 minutes at a time.  I look at how rooms are wired.  I notice holes in the floor and ceiling.  Life is endlessly fascinating.

My work continues, and I continue to have ideas and visions I am not sharing.  All in good time.

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