Friday, July 28, 2017

Egalitarians never are

Egalitarianism is s moral ideology. Precisely to the extent it is imposed by force, it relies INHERENTLY on notions of social and moral INequality.

Consider the case of Charlie Gard and his parents. They are victims of unequal egalitarianism. On the one side, the British government considered it outré for some pleb to seek care elsewhere, even if it cost them nothing, even if it cost a child his life. They can't have plebs looking elsewhere for salvation, you see.

But had it been a royal baby, or even the child of any of British royalty, or even the mundane rich, they would not have needed to ask a court if they could please have their child back so they could save its life. They would have just booked a plane flight.

It is both utterly abhorrent, and an inextricable element to Socialist logic that they would both 1) claim sole dominion over the child and 2) do NOTHING that was in either the child's or the parents interests. This is lunacy.

It remains an astonishing fact to me that the same people who cannot trust their fellow humans when they are running corporations--which exist to provide needed material goods and services at prices made fair by the free market--are quite willing to throw caution to the winds where government is concerned, and entrust their lives, freedom and worldly goods to people born the same way as everyone else, possessed of the same instincts as everyone else, and who--as the institution of government understood abstractly--are responsible for the overwhelming g majority of conflict and human suffering for all of recorded history.

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