Saturday, July 8, 2017


It should have long been obvious to anyone with a mind that the Left, and those who control them, want ordinary American to make the fundamental error of confusing health INSURANCE with health CARE, I.e. Doctors and medicines and hospitals.

But it seems to me they pushing a further and more insidious error, which is reifying "health" and claiming it is something the government can grant or withhold. Such is the stupidity in the air, the usual idiots seem to be buying it.

Health is our birthright. As a general rule, we take it from ourselves with bad lifestyle choices.  It is one of the peculiar features of the unique American healthcare scene that our system works so WELL that many millions of people expect it to work miracles to compensate for long term bad decisions.  With a less comprehensive system people would have to get well on their own or die. There might actually be some mercy in this. I do not think that in some respects it would be too strong to call it codependent--PROFITABLY codependent to be sure--but fundamentally supportive of health killing lifestyles.

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