Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Inner Stockholm Syndrome

I woke the other night after a bad night, and realized that what we might call the dominant Self, the I in most of our experience, quite often finds itself fatally attracted to and dependent upon subpersonalities--parts, Complexes, emotional threads--which are unhealthy.

All of us consist in an aggregate of emotional solutions to a variety of problems, many of which happened long ago, have disappeared, and are no longer relevant.  Once created, though, and until discharged more or less consciously, those parts endure, and they continue to influence thoughts and behavior.

They do, in some respects, at least for some of us, constitute something like captors, which keep us chained to old ways of doing things, even though we try mightily to rise above them.  Will is insufficient for full freedom.  Wisdom, seeing, is what it takes.

I will continue to tout Kum Nye as the most brilliant self development system I personally have come across.  It is subtle.  There is nothing in there that screams "sexy".  There are no flashing lights, bells, or whistles.  The main "guru" keeps to himself.  He wrote a number of books, and until people progress beyond what he already put in the public domain, why waste time with lazy idiots?  Do the work, and when you progress beyond the work, seek him out then, if and when.  It has likely happened, but rarely.  He mentions, notably, one of the reasons to seek out a qualified teacher is "too much joy".  We should all wish to have this problem.

Being someone who loves to lecture (the word "factzoid" came to me in a meditation last week, which I was the way my Unconscious wanted to tell me how being machine like, a repository of information, has helped me survive) I cannot resist noting that Stockholm, itself, now suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.  They have let into their nation many people who mean them ill, who are raping their women, committing the overwhelming bulk of all crimes, and yet they cannot bring themselves to do anything but continue to welcome the people who are hurting them.

Good people hurt the world when they let bad people hurt them.  There is no virtue in a doormat.  You become merely an usher to worse things to come.

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