Thursday, July 27, 2017

Political correctness

the core idea is that what constitutes good manners is mutable, and that what was sufficient ten years ago--for example when nobody was talking about allowing transgenders in the military, much less paying to cut their balls off or enlarge their clitoris--is now forbidden.

People who want to stay au courant learn to be careful what they say, and take care never to express an opinion prior to finding out what the group opinion is.

And here is the insidious part: everyone learns to be AFRAID of offending people who quickly learn that acting offended gets them power.

This means not just that victim groups use this system of structural social intimidation and bullying, but that aspiring social architects--aspiring fascists, to be clear--have every reason to make fear of non-conformity--which is to say,conformity to an era they declare as gone--a universal. You build malleable, weak willed, Other Directed people using this tool of ubiquitous, inescapable, and subtle terror.

It would not be greatly overstating the case to say that subtle Leftists have substituted organized social ostracism for the guillotine. Their ideas are no less corrosive and their aims no less radical. But they have adopted George Betnard Shaws fascism with good manners and good taste.

Edit: what I meant to pint out as well is that, once a generalized climate of fear is achieved--to which is tied the eagerness of many to punish dissenters-/a small cadre can create the illusion easily of mass consensus. Plainly, given Trumps election, MANY Americans are not OK with our current direction, but their voices are silenced in most places by relentless propaganda DESIGNED to make the majority seem to be outlier.

I will note that the Bolsheviks were always in a distinct minority, and the Mensheviks wee, to my understanding, the larger group, but Lenin and his ilk, being People Of The Lie, in M Scott Pecks sense, CALLED themselves the "majority", which in my understanding is the meaning of Bolshevik.

These people lie continuously and compulsively. And on most days their biggest lie is that most people agree with them on their core agenda. Even in a mass movement, the people who know the REAL plan are no more than 10%, if that. They are elitists who use populist rhetoric and sentiment to get people to surrender their freedom based on a long series of lies.

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