Friday, July 28, 2017


I wrote the following last night.  Then I looked up Scaramucci, and saw he was an investment banker, an early Hillary supporter, and a member of the Import-Export Bank.  I haven't read up on that particular bank, but I'm not a fan of banking in general, so I'm pretty sure I won't be happy.

So I'm like, FUCK.  What do I do?  It is almost like events are continuing to transpire without me.  It is in fact EXACTLY like that, despite the irrational feeling I share with so many others that typing endlessly and emoting on the internet somehow constitutes productive activity.

So, hell, some of this is not bad.  I may back off politics for a minute, though.  I don't know what I don't know, and frankly should be focused on things I CAN control.

I LIKE this guy!!!  I saw that quote on CNN in the bar where I was eating, and thought "this is what we need."

Now, I don't know where he comes from.  I have not followed the story in detail.  But it seems obvious to me that he thought he was more or less having a private conversation with a fellow mensch over a few beers.  Who lets their guard down like that?  HONEST people.  People who are used to speaking the truth, and how forget how fucking slimy so many people can be, like reporters who say "you can trust me."

Here is the thing: you cannot play defense with the Left.  You can only play offense.  You have to attack them as often as they attack you.  This means that it is far less important that Trump and those around him avoid making mistakes than that they play continual offense. Mistakes are forgotten, and really don't stand out all that much from the overall background of continual hissing and screaming.

Obviously, it doesn't MATTER what Trump does.  Today, an obviously tired Trump failed to see a little boy 18" off the ground, and failed to shake his hand.  The internet explodes, as if Trump has some sort of personal vendetta against handicapped kids.  They spin what can be spun, focus entirely an any small real negatives, avoid assiduously any positives, and where necessary they make shit up.  This is the game. [edit: it later came out that he actually paid considerable attention to this kid when he first walked in, which was omitted from the propaganda, which, as I said, they make up when needed to keep the pounding going.]

And Trump is fucking with their minds.  I was wondering when he announced this ban on transgenders if he had that on a list of news changing possibilities.  Ponder it.  He can alter the news cycle whenever he wants, just by Tweeting--Tweeting pisses people off the most, you see--something he knows will make heads explode.  He may have another 5-10 such announcements he is sitting on, waiting for the right time.

He is clearly beleaguered, but he seems to be slowly cleaning house.  Because obviously my advice is highly sought after the world over, I thought I might comment that Trump, in addition to dealing with the daily emergencies, needs to set aside regular time for strategic planning, like where he wants to be in two years.  It would be very easy to enter a siege mentality.  Play defense as needed, but plan offense.

To my mind, a complete failure to do anything with Obamacare is actually better than a token, half assed effort, that would have allowed Republicans to drop the matter, as if they had kept their promises.  It is quite possible we can either toss out some RINO's, and/or toss out yet more Democrats in 2018.  I see no signs of traction by the Democrats, and it seems most likely they are digging their hole deeper. They have NOTHING which anybody wants at this point.

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