Tuesday, July 25, 2017

So lemme get this straight

A sitting FBI Director finds major and unmistakeable evidence of felonies by the dozens committed by a politically connected woman, and refuses to bring charges. This same FBI Director DOES illegally leak classified information--which is a prosecutable crime--about an investigation initiated by a fake intelligence report initiated by Clinton operatives, and furthered by illegal CIA spying on the winning Presidential candidate.

Recognizing said FBI Dirrctor was in effect trying to engineer a coup against him, Trump fires said FBI Director. Somewhere in this process the idea is proposed that a good friend of said FBI Dirrctor--who I will refer to as Deep State Accomplice Number 1--be appointed, in effect, to continue the work of underling the Presidency from within, in pursuit of which task Deep State Accomplice Number 2--who we are told as often as possible is a "straight shooter", and honest guy--promptly hired a Democrat Dream Team, which he empowers to dig into everything everywhere, making no pretense that the Russian story still holds, making this a self sustaining corrosive operation which, in the worst possible case, serves as a long term, major distraction for the man the American people elected to eliminate corruption of PRECISELY this sort.

Meanwhile, the likely nearly countless crimes of the Clinton Crime Sydicate go uninvestigated. This, while ostensible Trump ally Jeff Sessions continues to heed, as I understand it, the legally inaccurate advice that one meeting with a Russian requires him to allow this farce to continue in a department HE CONTROLS. This, despite what I understand to be the fact that the person advising him to recuse himself is his second in command, and an Obama ally.

The press is OUTRAGED that Trump is saying publicly WTF?

Did I miss anything?

I see how people are reading fewer books, and fewer "deep" books at that. They are addicted to spectacle, and incapable in large numbers of seeing the blindingly obvious truths these circuses seek to hide.

Trump is a fighter. He persists in the face of opposition. This is why I was an early supporter. But even I, as cynical as I am, did not think he would be betrayed by the FBI, the CIA, and God knows who else. Sessions seems to be a good man, but his opposition to marijuana legalization, his support of Civil Asset forfeiture, and his claimed--I get this from left wing links, but it sounds plausible-/financial ties to the prison industry soul all be enough for me to be glad to see him gone.

And if he can be fired, why not Rod Rosenstein, as I recall the name of his Nimbet 2--as well?

As I have said several times, purged are needed, decimations. Fire all obvious traitors, then another 10% for good measure. This problem has been evolving for decades. I see no effective half measures, although some on-going measures, like restaffing the judiciary might profitably be done first.

John Brennan is a traitor to the Constitution. So is Comey, and so is Mueller, if he thinks his fishing expeditions are intended for anything but using extra-Constitutional processes to vitiate the will of the people.

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