Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Left and Hitler.

Yes, The National Socialist German Workers Party, which found support mainly among the so-called proletariat and among intellectuals, was socialism.

Watch this.  From a Leftist perspective, there was nothing to object to:

It is true that the Communists and the Nazis fought in the streets.  It is true Hitler used the rise of the Soviet Union to create his own party.  But it is equally true that Nazism is to Communism roughly what Episcopalianism is to Catholicism. For those who are historically ignorant, large wars were fought for centuries over fine points of dogma.  This did not make all sects not fundamentally Christian.

Surely Trotsky was closer to Stalin than to Hitler, but even he was killed for not being close enough to orthodoxy.

All Left wing ideologies--among which National Socialism is but one variant--are most usefully described as life destroying Fascist cults.

As the editor of the German periodical Die Welt recently noted, these violent lunatics even share the black shirts of the ORIGINAL Italian Fascists.

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