Monday, July 17, 2017


I read this just now:

I was reading this yesterday:

And I am reading Jose Saramaga's book "Blindness", which contains scenes of terrible cruelty.  I read he was a Communist:

And I wonder, how does one reconcile the apparently genuine concern, the apparently genuine compassion Leftists feel, with their willful disregard of the HISTORY of their own ideas, the millions of crimes which have been committed in their name?  Sean Penn, to take one obvious example, makes a great deal of his alleged sensitivity and passion for humanity.

Here is my thesis, based on my own inner work: some part of them revels in cruelty, even the most outwardly sensitive and kind of them.  This is of course the Cultural Sadeism hypothesis, but when dealing with someone like Saramago, he is obviously not psychologically blind, himself.

But then, perhaps he was.  Blindness is, after all, an allegory he wrote.  Perhaps in creating scenes of mass rape he is echoing Sade, who was so beloved by so much of the Left.

So they spend considerable time contemplating the miseries of the world, the poverty, the racism, the reflexive hatreds, the misunderstandings.  And some part of them reacts abstractly by fashioning a defensive strategy, which says outwardly "I hate all these crimes.  I am a passionate humanitarian."  But the REAL part of them remains fascinated with shit and murder, with transgression, and with the expression of the pervasive hatred for the world, for life, for humanity, they feel in their hearts.

Novel writing is in large respects the domain of talented liars.  They make up everything.  They might tap into real world experiences, but they can spin them, refashion them, in any way they want.

Many if not most modern artists are full of shit.  They speak in angelic tongues for a time, but when and if revealed, there is nothing but horror at the bottom.

I continue to be a proud American.  I am proud of the ideals we adopted consciously and purposefully.  I am conscious of our many failings, but also conscious of the failure of the vast bulk of the rest of humanity which has not even attempted what we have, and who, in not even trying, cannot in any sense be compared to us.

We created an evolutionary system, one which changes, which adapts, which seeks to better humankind.

This system has, to use a current word, been hacked by lunatics, by cloaked sadists using our own language to attempt to strangle us, our freedom, and everything good in the world.

I cannot understand Republicans who lack the balls to act like Republicans.  We are the ones trying to prevent the destruction of our system, and far too few seem to have the understanding of precocious ten year olds.

Why not repeal Obamacare?  Because millions who are getting free coverage will lose it?  Were they going to vote Republican anyway?  Can we not create in short order through free markets replacement policies even the working poor can afford, which limit the downside potential of even the worst illnesses?

Why is Mattis not opposing the continuing assaults on traditional gender roles in the military?  I read they are training Army women to accept men in their showers who think they are women, just like some ducks think they are dogs.  It is a free country, and men should be free to think what they want, but the rest of us are also free to think of them as mentally ill.  We do not have to share their delusions with them.  God help us if we all begin to feel the need to pander to every fantastic thought the many emotionally ill among us can concoct.

It is hard to be optimistic when there is no much open hatred in the air, and when so much ground has been cleared for mass atrocities.

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