Saturday, July 29, 2017

This is quite an interesting story

An uneducated man channels a deceased surgeon, and achieves such outstanding results he is in demand in many countries, and vetted by professionals with no other skin in the game but a concern for the truth.

I think on some slow news day Donald Trump should announce he is channeling all the money allocated for some boondoggle or other--for example, the money allocated to studying "global warming", which continues despite an utter lack of evidence--to afterlife and psi research.

It would piss off millions.  It would be considered ludicrous by all the people who don't matter.

But what better way, from a very long term strategic standpoint, to get us all back moving in the same direction, concerned not about slavish compliance with a fascist ideology--or fighting said ideology with poor tools--but about our common destiny as humans, than to demonstrate conclusively that we are all connected, that we do not die, and that all of these can be verified via the honest and dispassionate use of the scientific method?

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