Thursday, July 27, 2017


First, I will note that the rocket and nuclear ambitions of both Iran and Noeth Korea continue unabated. Both plan launched, I read, in the next week.

I imagine a conversation with a small child after a nuclear strike.

"Daddy, did we not know they were dangerous?

No, they were making threats of attacking us with a nuclear weapon for many years.

Was there nothing we could do? Were they too powerful for us?

No, we were much much more powerful militarily, and had good economic options we could have used.

Daddy, THIS IS HORRIBLE. How could you have allowed my future to be destroyed?

Well, sweety, we wanted to be sure we didn't offend anyone."

I will note a coupe obvious points.

1) YOU CANNOT CHANGE GENDER. This is not opinion. This is coded in literally EVERY CELL OF THE BODY.

2) Given this, it is a mental illness wanting to try. It INHERENTLY bespeaks defective reality testing, and in most honest mental health professional accounts, a much more profound underlying disorder, a revulsion at who one IS.

3) In this, it differs from homosexuality. I personally think bisexuality is a potential all men, at least , (my theory being that wanting to stick your dick I to everything you see could be evolutionarily selected for) are born with, but homosexuality is psychologically driven. HOWEVER, a sexual attraction to ones own gender can be satisfied and acted in. In this, it is not inherently a lie.

4) The absolute number of mental ailments related to gender dissatisfaction in the military is small, but the disruptiveness of things like having to run trainings to teach women to be OK with showering with men with dicks and balls is ENORMOUS. You lose good people that way. You lose unit cohesion.

5) And the military exists for one purpose, and that purpose is not hiring and gratifying left wing HR hacks.

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