Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What should we be investigating today?

From my perspective, the fact the a sitting FBI Director broke laws HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENFORCING in order to support a political agenda and party at the expense of another is by far the most obvious crime on the table, and the one most worthy of a criminal investigation.  He intentionally leaked classified information to damage Trump. Then a friend of his was appointed to investigate his firing, and to look into a dossier which seems to have been created by s Clintin ally at their behest.

Why, given this, should Comey not be accused of Obstucting Justice in the Hillary Clinton investigation? None of the usual protocols were followed, seemingly at his direction.

And why, given that Hillary Clinton and her agent, James Comey, are the only ones who clearly committed crimes, should Comey's friend Muellef not recuse himself, or admit the plain fact that the whole independent counsel idea was a planned sabotage from the get-go, one aided and abetted by illegal activity on the part of the FBI's top man?

We have not left la-la land. Other than that we have shrewd and seemingly honest man at the helm, we might still be living in the realm of Barack Marshall Davis.

One thing Trump has that I do not have is an instinct for timing. Perhaps he is simply waiting for the time to turn the firing of Mueller not just into a risk, but s positive asset in the court of non-lunatic public opinion.

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