Monday, July 24, 2017


I still have dreams where some force--it can take many forms--is pursuing me, and I am escaping and/or fighting it.  I cannot win, finally, of course, because it is within me.  It is energy I have not opened up fully, and integrated.  It is harm done to me I have not been able emotionally to process.  But I will.

But it occurs to me that societies, too, have such energies.  They have, first, a psychological energy which looks and feels like an enemy outside of them, but which arises within them.  It is all the unspoken anger, and hatred, fear, pain, loneliness, rage, confusion, sexual tension (I think this is particularly important in Islamic nations, where many men can't marry at all) and everything else one is not allowed to own publicly in some societies, to admit openly, to share with others and in so doing reduce or even eliminate it.

So for many societies, this energy, already in the air, causes them to SEEK or create actual physical enemies so that what was already there has a tangible target.

And what seems ironic to me is that the only ACTUAL Xenophobia I see in our present society is being manifested ENTIRELY by the Left, and being directed at conservatives who--like the Jews in Nazi Germany--are their neighbors, their co-workers, fellow citizens, people just walking down the street.

They do not want to understand us.  They do not want to talk with us.  They simply want to hate and revile us, and--again like the Nazis--tell endless lies about us, to stoke anger, to stoke hatred, to feed misunderstanding.

Saying "Maybe letting in large numbers of people who hate our culture, who do not have a good history of assimilating, and who in large numbers state openly they want to kill us and destroy our society, isn't such a good idea" is not Xenophobic.  Saying HITLER WAS TRUMP [sic: think about it], AND HIS FOLLOWERS ARE ALL ASPIRING MASS MURDERERS, IS Xenophobic.

I will note that simply because someone is using psychology words does not mean they are doing psychology.  I have seen many, many, many examples of people simply appropriating sometimes very trenchant comments people around them have made, and applying them indifferently and inaccurately, simply as a defense mechanism.  If it sounds like they have done introspection, it can confuse those who also haven't, but respect the words and the idea of the process.  It can make fools seem deep.

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