Sunday, August 13, 2017

A new Inquisition

The energy of the Inquisition is in the air.  Maniacs are trying to make all normal people afraid, afraid of being called out, afraid of being called before a panel of Inquisitors, and not being found guilty, but rather being forced to prove their innocence, when no one present is willing to listen to, much less believe, anything they say.

That this is antithetical to everything good in the world--and certainly what we in the West have worked so hard to build--should not need to be said.

This is insanity.  I would ask "how has it come to this", but of course it has been a long time coming, and the beginning, as I have commented numerous times, was when the distinction between truth and lie, between justice and injustice, was lost at the level of principle.

I have cited this scene a number of times, but now I have found it:

Judgment at Nuremburg.  The relevant part starts about 1:40.

I will leave the obvious conclusion to you. 

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