Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Deep State


Here, Seymour Hersh asserts that the FBI has known for over a year that Seth Rich was who leaked John Podesta's emails.  They apparently found correspondence between him and Julian Assange.  He apparently initially asked for money, which he did not get, seemingly.

In spite of this knowledge, Mueller's pal James Comey still pursued a criminal investigation of Trump--but not of Hillary, not when they followed no standard procedures, and offered no charges even for crimes they found evidence she clearly committed--based on nonexistent evidence.  It was this investigation, itself, which should never have been started, which enabled Mueller to get appointed when Comey got shit canned, as he richly deserved.

Hersh also states what should be obvious by now: our intelligence agencies consciously and with anti-democratic intent engaged in a systematic disinformation campaign, along Soviet lines, intended initially to damage Trump, and then to create the opening for Mueller to step in and further in their absence the planned coup against Trump.  They are literally using tools developed to destabilize foreign regimes in our own country.  They were eavesdropping on Trump the candidate, Trump the President-elect, and for all we know Trump the President, and using that information to destabilize him, to create propaganda against him, and are now fishing for something, anything, with which they could bring about criminal charges.

This is not the action of an agency which honestly represents the people.  They are not seeking truth or justice, and are certainly not giving a shit about the law.  All of this is in support of a partisan agenda which has as its aim the increase in their own power and wealth, and the corresponding decrease in freedom and well being for the rest of us.

Self evidently, there are LAWS against our intelligence agencies operating domestically, and certainly laws against our internal police having political ambitions, and playing a direct role in our political process.  If one studies, say, Roman history, when the Pretorian Guard gets too much power, even the pretense of democracy is over.  They become king-makers, and no would be king dare defy them.  That the king makers would hide in the shadows, but wield vast power covertly, is really something close to the substance of history, but it could and has been made much worse by the power of technology.

It is in my view literally the case that hundreds of people SHOULD go to jail, even though it will be a snowy day in July in Arizona before that happens.

But who knows?  Trump has balls.  We will find out eventually how big.

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