Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Firing Mueller

I keep reading that firing Mueller will provoke a "crisis".

I would ask a simple question: what the guck are we in now?? Half of Trumps staff is actively sabotaging him, including, apparently, McMaster.  News agencies are calling for his impeachment for anything (charges? We dont need no stinking charges). His ability to govern is severely compromised.

And if folks want to call it a "Constitutional" crisis if he fires Mueller, I would ask how? Why? Where does the illegally appointed, seemingly partisan Independent Prosecutor (Special, whatever it is) show up in the Constitution? Where does the right of bureaucrats to shit on the expressed will of the people show up?

Put practically, how much worse can it get than daily calls for Trumps assassination and impeachment?

Some Gordian Knots are best dealt with quickly and decisively and unapologetically.

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