Saturday, August 12, 2017

Follow up

Honest science recognizes that many even apparently simple systems aren't, and that when many confounding factors are in play, in order to test any one specific hypothesis, you need to control for other variables.

With respect to Anthropogenic Global Warming, looking at upper Tropospheric temperatures is really the ONLY way to control for other variables.  Everything else, all warming and cooling, all weather events, all droughts and hurricanes--everything--falls within normal variability.  We know the Earth has been largely covered with ice, and we know it has been free of ice.  Everything in between is thus within normal variability, and EVERYONE INVOLVED KNOWS THIS.

Again, if one looks at nothing other than the methods chosen--unnecessarily unreliable temperature measurements, and treating climate models as established facts--an intelligent person should on this basis alone be able to conclude that the whole thing is fraudulent at its core.

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