Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Getting Even

It occurs to me that the creed of Egalitarianism is literally and figuratively that of "getting even".

It is a creed of revenge, based on putative wrongs.  It exists as a system to manufacture those wrongs out of the fertile nature of human life, in which no two people are ever born alike.

Self evidently, all one needs to manufacture anger, rage, and following self righteousness, is to stipulate that the world should be other than it is, and to demand that it meet your expectations immediately and fully.  It is a sure fire and short route to the FEELING of empowerment, and moral superiority, and an a priori rationalization of any crimes one is anticipating committing.

To commit evil directly, all one need do is fault God for his creation, and then abolish Him through atheism, as Sade did. Alternatively, one can simply assert that God is the Devil, and the Devil represents the work of this world.

All of this is related.

And in my own life, I feel this energy.  I have been objectively wronged this week by several people.  But it is a measure of my progress that I am getting better and better at just letting things drop. Yes, sometimes we all need to fight.  Yes, sometimes we all need to express rage and anger.

But none of this is healthy long term.  It is a coffin, a prison, a darkening.

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