Saturday, August 5, 2017


If Trump has to be treated to reading the contents of private telephone calls made from the Oval Office in a local newspaper, how on Earth can he deal with things like North Korea, where secrecy might literally make the difference between success and failure, between the death of millions, and peace?

I literally, from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, do not get the arrogance and moral detachment necessary to be someone like Jeff Bezos.  I don't know what he endured in childhood, I don't know if he was an only, a lonely, or an adopted child, but he is sick in the head, and he has a lot of company.

I dream of better human beings.  He dreams of better machines.  That is the difference.  Any improvement that comes from the outside, is no improvement at all.  It is an intrusion.

And as I ponder this, there really is a functional analogy between using machines to "improve" human consciousness, and using government to "improve" human society.  Both are extrinsic to basic consciousness, and both must be understood in terms of force.  Life does not own the death of a machine. The death of the machine owns life.  I see no other possibility.

Put another way, spiritualists point out the obvious fact that our bodies are in some respects machines, but they are machines within which consciousness manifests.  Improving the machine does nothing to improve the quality of the perceptions that matter.  It does not matter how fast you can solve a differential equation, spiritually.  What matters is your capacity to love and to expand.  There is nothing any of these tech midgets are producing which will enable us to do that directly.

As I have said, I am not a technophobe, but to the extent I embrace things like Neurofeedback, it is because we are collectively batshit insane, and this is a needed tool in helping to reconstitute basic humanity, which is increasingly rare.

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