Saturday, August 5, 2017


His "reputation"--and keep in mind, the vast bulk of America's 350 million people--or whatever it is--have no personal knowledge of the man at all, so this is quite possibly itself manufactured for public consumption--notwithstanding--Robert Mueller's willingness to take on a case intimately connected to the firing of a good friend, when the Attorney General himself recused himself on much flimsier and less weighty grounds, indicates he is not a stand up guy.  This applies even in the highly unlikely event that he is doing substantive things, like verify that Seth Rich really was the leaker, which the FBI, I read, has known since roughly May of last year.

In turn, James Comey, in addition to all the partisan bullshit he did (today's headline:  ) should have dropped the "Russian interference" investigation as soon as he knew that Russia did not hack John Podesta, as that is the only credible claim that was ever even made.  The rest was a series of scandalous allegations that would have fit for the Weekly World News, but not even the National Enquirer.  This, by the guys in well tailored suits, with tough faces, who inherited the work of deserving to be worthy of being thought of as Untouchable.

So, we really have to ask: how corrupt IS the FBI?  So I look up Robert Mueller, and lo and behold, he was sworn in on September 4, 2001, exactly one week before 9/11.

As I have pointed out often--I really don't think I need to use the word "argued", since there really can be no discussion among those familiar with the evidence, in my considered opinion--the September 11 attacks involved a much larger conspiracy than just the hijackers and Osama Bin Laden.  First and foremost, the FBI would have been responsible for discovering and revealing this.  They failed spectacularly.  To note perhaps the most spectacular failure, no test was ever done for explosive residue, despite the utterly unprecedented nature of ONE, much less THREE, skyscrapers falling at freefall velocity into their own footprint.

But there are many, many examples of near certain cover-ups, as I have pointed out from time to time.

For example, the explosion of Flight 800 over Long Island:

The death of JFK, Jr.  I can't take the time to find a good link, but there exists a good documentary out there which points out that the weather was not bad, and that numerous witnesses reported hearing an explosion, and seeing a fireball, and that, as with the Flight 800 explosion, the FBI quickly took control of the investigation, then pushed out some bullshit after a suitable amount of time.

The Oklahoma City bombing.  All the video footage disappeared.  Bomb damage experts claim that a surface explosion could not have caused that damage.  Here is a link to a former Air Force General Ben Partin:

I have posted on him from time to time.  As he notes, he knew within a couple hours somebody was lying.  His professional specialty was both measuring and predicting bomb damage.  That was his job in the Air Force, so literally no one could be better qualified to call bullshit than this guy.

And the FBI, in the course of the investigation, seems to have tortured a man to death.

This is a short list.  I need to get to work.

But we have to contemplate seriously the notion that this agency is TRULY corrupt.  That they are not just playing partisan politics, not just protecting political allies, but that they are complicit at high levels, and have been for at least 3 decades or so, in covering up political murders, and staged or accidental (which is a possibility in Oklahoma City) mass events which had major political consequences.

Trump needs to take this idea seriously.  He needs to develop a plan to investigate the FBI itself, what it knows, what it is covering up, how a culture of contempt for the law has been allowed to evolve and flourish, and most of all he needs to figure out how to root out the corruption.

What Trump has on his hands is massive.  If he were an average person, I would say it is overwhelming.  But he has shown time and again an agility, a tenacity, and a will to win which could quite possibly carry him to the important victories we need in protecting the American people--and the world, because as goes America, so goes the world--from our own government.

Ponder the immensity of the possibility that both the CIA and FBI have become de facto agents of the Globalists.  If Trump were not in office, I would despair, but I take hope both in the fact that he is, and that the American people, in sufficient numbers, were awake enough to put him there.  Both are good signs.

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