Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Left versus the decent majority

I really think the Left would love nothing more than to see the rise of an actual racist movement among whites, one which would not have existed without their continual physical, emotional, and rhetorical attacks, so that they can USE that movement--which hitherto they have simply invented, because it was not a substantive reality--to distract people from real issues, like employment, the national debt, the subversion of the rule of law by power elites, the erosion of our Constitution, and American security and stability.

They want to use even a smidgeon of a hint of a whiff of such a movement to claim that ALL Americans are racist and all whites should kneel in shame.

There is no end to the demonic energy of these horrific human beings.  It is tiring. I am surprised genuine Liberals--Trumps electoral base--have withstood their continual violence of all sorts so well so long without striking out.

We are, though, the people who make, deliver, and provide things.  We are the sane ones, the ones with jobs, the ones able to resist ludicrous indoctrination in the worst possible anti-Humanistic ideas and assaults on common decency.

We can endure this, too.  Trump is President.  The people have spoken.  And we will speak again in 2018, to punish Republican liars and traitors, who promised over and over and over to act like Republicans if they won office, and who have failed, and continue to fail, miserably.

No decent human being should ever be forced to deny supporting lunatics.  This is the "have you stopped beating your wife yet" tactic.  It is a horrible, evil strategy, one pursued by monomaniacal power mongers.

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