Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The power of propaganda

It is worth reiterating that the Soviets, according to reports I read--and I want to say the best source was the highest ranking member of the Soviet bloc intelligence committee ever to defect, Ion Pacepa--spent FOUR TIMES as much money spreading lies, planting concocted rumors, and funding anti-Liberal "intellectuals", as they did in the actual cloak and dagger, Cold War business of spycrafting.

This money paid off, obviously, although not in time to prevent the fall of the terror state which sponsored it.  Human stupidity, as Einstein quipped, is in addition to the universe the only thing which is infinite.  People pay to listen to Michael Moore.  Howard Zinn's book still has legs.  I still see the name of Noam Chomsky to this very day, when he should be hiding in shame at the atrocities he has supported.  What else does one need to know?

Be that as it may, we exist in an era where the very "disinformatsiya" methods which the Soviets perfected are being used by OUR OWN intelligence agencies--which were in large measure founded to COMBAT Communism--AGAINST US.

Consider the Russian sanctions.  What did the Russians do?  Nothing, as far as I can tell.  They were the targets of a very conscious disinformation campaign launched by our intelligence agencies.  What was the actual reason people believe the Russians interfered in our election (more than, say, the DHS, which reportedly tried to hack the actual voting machines in Georgia)?  BECAUSE OUR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES TELL US SO.

And so they plant this rumor, then get policy enacted--sanctions--based upon it.  This, in turn, damages our relations with Russia, TO NO BENEFIT FOR THE UNITED STATES.

As I keep saying, somebody in the Deep State--many of whose members, obviously, are not in the government at all, but are rather utterly evil, utterly morally bankrupt individuals who seek the consolidation of their quiet and invisible power--wants Russia to be disenfranchised.  I see claims that Putin alone among world powers keeps resisting the Globalists.  This is as good an explanation as any.  The Chinese certainly seem to be cooperating, and perhaps quietly funding and supporting in many ways much of this activity.  That, actually, would be another good explanation.

Be all that as it may, we have got to get people who are not interested in the well being and prosperity of America first and foremost out of their jobs, out of the private sector, and retired to places where we can keep an eye on them.  Jail would be a great first choice, but forced de facto house arrest would be fine too.

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