Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Trump Presidency

If I'm honest, I really have no idea what the list of realistic options looks like for Trump.  I will simply comment that it is absolutely beyond question that, had we not put him in office, we NEVER would have been able to see so CLEARLY the corruption in Washington, the back stabbing, the treachery, the disloyalty to the American PEOPLE, to our laws, to our history, to our future and that of our children.  It is on both sides of the aisle, extends deep into all our agencies, and is well funded and supported by elites completely indifferent to what is good for America.

Early on, very early on, I cited Lincoln's comment on Grant: "HE FIGHTS".  This is what Trump does.  He actually seems to like it, up to a point.  As a strategist myself, in my own life, I have OFTEN been guilty of impatience, likely most of the time, even now.  It is not a conspicuous virtue of mine, to put it charitably.

But I want to say publicly that I remain very bullish on Trump, continue to believe whole heartedly that he wants what is best for America as he sees it, that this cannot be said of most of Congress, or most of our massive Federal bureaucracy, and that our best hope of avoiding the de facto takeover of our nation by shadow elites armed with technology which was overwhelming fifteen years, and of a presumably exponentially more powerful character now, is for him to continue castrating and sending out to pasture all the thousands of people who mean him, and the American way of life, ill.

Being President is no small thing.  The intent of his enemies is to shrink him into a small defensive perimeter, but who wants to hide in a bunker?  He has many, many tools at his disposal.

For my part, I wonder if firing Rod Rosenstein for failing to fire Mueller for his patent conflict of interest might be a start.  I wonder if entire divisions of the Justice Department can be terminated.

There has never been any evidence the President broke any laws, yet a long term investigation has been launched.  That should concern anyone HONESTLY concerned with our Republic, its laws, its principles, and its traditions greatly.. The patently politicization of the intelligence agencies, itself, should warrant an FBI or other investigation.  They are not allowed to operate on US soil.  Who prosecutes them if they do?  This is a very relevant question, because they did, and likely continue to do so.

This whole thing is unbelievable.  It is as bad or worse than any of us imagined.  The extent of the moral deviancy is astonishing.  Seemingly no one wants to do their job honestly any more.

For his part, Mueller has sealed his fate as a partisan hack, in my eyes, unless he turns an utterly unexpected corner.  What I expect is that he will begin to subpoena Trump's financial records, and dare him to pick him off.  He is playing a game of chicken, self evidently, and appointing the Grand Jury is designed to make it harder to fire him.

What I would note is that no matter WHAT Trump does, there will be an ocean of outrage.  At some times, you have to take large risks.  He knows this better than anyone.  A very large number of us can see exactly what is happening.

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